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Consumer Service

  1. When placing your order, the User expresses its full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, the prices and the description of the products contemplated in this transaction. These general conditions of sale shall be the only applicable between the two parties;
  2. The orders made through the website will be considered valid after the good collection of the same, the correct completion of the user information: name, VAT number, contact number and delivery address for successful delivery:
    1. Incomplete or incorrect information will be blocked and MEI will attempt to contact your customer in order to complete the purchase process;
    2. This contact will be made based on the information that is provided to us by the completed form
    3. If there is no information that can be used for contact, the order will be automatically considered invalid and justifiably void. There is therefore no place for any kind of refund or claim.
  1. The date of acceptance of the order will be the working day immediately after the payment of the purchase . Afterwards, MEI will send the confirmation of stock availability within the 48 hours within the working days.
  2. MEI will dispatch the accepated order within the next 72 working hours, per carrier.
  3. To monitor the order status, the user may call the number: 219100900, on weekdays and hours: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.| 2 -18 p.m. or send an email to
  4. In the absence of availability of the product, MEI undertakes to inform the User of new availability of the product within a maximum period of 48 hours or in case of discontinuity of the same, to reimburse it of the amount that may have paid within the maximum period 15 (fifteen) days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.

The payment methods applicable on the MEI website promote a secure, transparent and convenient payment.

Among them, you can choose:

– Referência Multibanco

– Paypal

The order data will be sent, duly encrypted, to the bank on the date of your order. After validation and communication from your bank, the order will be processed.

MEI Europa Lda. Is the exclusive representative in Portugal of the brands Clatronic, Proficook, AEG small domestic, Bomann, Redmond and Lenco, as such it assures the Warranty and After Sales Assistance, of all articles in catalog on the site by a Period of 24 months, from the date of delivery, upon presentation of the invoice.
After the end of the warranty period, you can request assistance, which will be subject to submission of budget and respective award.

After the end of the warranty period, you can request assistance, which will be subject to submission of budget and respective award.

In the event that the item fails within the warranty period, and after it is verified that there has been no improper use of the equipment, if it is not possible to repair it, MEI Europa, Lda. Undertakes to exchange another new article of the same Brand and model or equipment with the same or higher characteristics.

Exceptional cases within the warranty period

Misuse of products that do not comply with the standards as described in the instruction manuals is considered out of warranty, among which we highlight: cleaning with abrasive products or objects, non-professional technical intervention in addition to the official assistance of MEI Europa lda.

The return of articles is accepted under the following conditions:

  1. Articles with no sign of misuse;

  2. Return of the complete article, with all its components and accessories, instruction manual and original packaging in perfect condition;

  3. Sending the purchase invoice of the article in question;

  4. Return or Exchange Period: Until the 15th consecutive day, from the day of delivery.

  5. The costs of sending the article to MEI are the responsibility of the customer.

  6. MEI will reimburse the value of your purchase after validation of compliance with the return conditions described in 1, 2 above. and 3. MEI has a period of up to 15 days to that effect from the moment the equipment is received at our facilities.

Shipping Damage Returns:

Deadlines for making a claim for damages caused by transportation will be 24 hours from the date of delivery. After this period of time, MEI
is not responsible for any defect that may have occurred in the transportation.

The exchange conditions are as follows:

In addition to those provided in “Return Conditions”, points 1, 2 and 3. If your new replacement order is of a higher cost, the user will have to bear the costs of this difference, adding to the exchange request the payment of the remainder .

Os custos de transporte nestas situações são a cargo do cliente.

For a quicker and more convenient answer, may you please choose one of the three options presented as follows:

  1. Fill out the form below, with the maximum information and detail, that appears in the section for this purpose in (put the link of the page);
  2. In case this option doesn’t suits you, please contact our Technical Support lines 800-2000 92 or 21 9100 912, from Monday to Friday  9 a.m. -12 p.m. | 2-6p.m.
  3. Address directly to our office or mail it to MEI Europa, Lda , Rua 28 de Setembro, n.56 Cabriz, 2710-125 Sintra, Portugal, send enclosed the invoice and the product with all the accessories and packaging.

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